Fireplaces. Bold. Luxurious. Dramatic. Stylish. Modern.

There’s no denying that fireplaces add something extra to space – but what’s trending for the upcoming season and beyond?

Think minimalist style and clean lines that let the fire element speak for itself. Current trends are all about boundary-pushing, bold fireplace designs unhampered by the limitations of traditional fireplaces.

A hallmark of beautiful design is the feeling of symbiosis, created as elements of a space work together for effortless effect. And you can’t get any smoother than a flush-mounted or frameless fireplace.

This trend can be taken in multiple design directions; an elegant piece placed next to bespoke cabinetry for a more traditional take or a long line, seamlessly integrated underneath a television for an ultra-modern feel. The key to achieving this look is a burner that can be installed easily into any location the homeowner wishes. 

Many architects and interior designers have taken an integrated approach – placing a flat-screen TV on a custom-built wall above an indoor fireplace. It’s been popular for a few years and will undoubtedly be an enduring trend.

Many northern Michigan homeowners like to incorporate the natural elements of the area. We see more and more stone fireplaces, many of which are two-sided, and often the stones have been found on the homeowner’s property during the excavation process.

Double-sided fireplaces are visually stunning. They act as a statement piece in an open-plan design and can often be used as a divider between spaces with excellent results.

To get the best of both worlds, installing a double-sided fireplace into an exterior wall will enable you to simultaneously harness the beauty of fire in your indoor and outdoor living spaces! 

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