Dream Bathroom Considerations

Whether you’re building a custom home or choosing from an array of design center options, knowing where to start with your bathroom project can be challenging. While daydreaming about what the finished space will look like can be pleasant, everyone begins by establishing their budget. Ultimately, your budget will determine much more than you think.

After the budget is established, the floor plan of the house will guide your decisions about the layout of the primary bathroom.

Consider the people who will frequent the space and their needs as you make decisions. Here is where you will make the most significant decisions, like the number of sinks, plumbing locations, the tub style if you choose to include a tub, lighting needs, storage, counter height, electrical needs, and, of course, the code requirements. These decisions lay the foundation for your room that will significantly affect your style choices down the road.

Keeping your focus on who will use the space before focusing on design can help you avoid what can often be the biggest mistake homeowners make: Not striking the right balance between style and functionality.

Everyone wants the perfect Instagram-worthy bathroom, but no one wants to live with it. Hotels are great examples of this. Think about how quickly that exquisite-looking vacation rental you picked online got cluttered up and messy once when you unpacked your suitcase. The same thing can happen in your home if you don’t find the right balance.

Let us help guide you through the process of striking the right balance and checking off the entire “must-haves” list.

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