What’s Trending in Garage Doors           

Black Garage Doors

We’ve all looked at black as something that evokes mystery and class; the trend translates to garage doors this year. More and more homeowners prefer black splashed on their garages. The result is an eye-catching piece that, with accent lighting, can turn heads and add some pizzazz to your exterior.

Glass Paneling

Clean, minimalist style is all the rage now, and we’ve also seen a lot of glass garage door trends. They are the perfect addition to a modern designed home – they boost the premium feel and, at the same time, keep your garage area well-lighted. Options for glass doors include frosted glass, clear glass, and tinted glass options that give a sense of airiness to the garage space. Glass-paneled garage doors are supported by metal framing to stabilize the fluid design.

Plank Garage Doors

Plank garage doors are a modern way to add class and style to your exterior. The design matches almost any type of architecture, making it perfect for traditionalists who want their homes to look richer and warmer with wooden doors and those who want a contemporary, natural look.

Plank garage doors also lend themselves to window inserts and different accessories. An on-trend aesthetic to use wooden planks as one solid garage door and place window inserts on just one side of the door creates an elegant look. You can use dark wood, lighter-toned wood, or even vinyl planks for a less pricey alternative.

Darker Tones

White is out, and darker, more dramatic tones are in! Darker tones go so well with your landscape’s stone, adobe, and siding; darker-colored garage doors could hide debris much better. It’s a more preferred option that’s trending.

Wooden Trimmings

Some homeowners embrace minimalist styles, and others want a rich, dramatic look maintained on their homes. And one way to get a new garage door look with some romantic detailing is to add wood trim around the garage doorway.

 Wood trim is on-trend now, instantly making even the most straightforward, standard garage doors look luxurious. Whether you go for a lighter look or darker-toned doors, adding wood trim to surround the doorway can make the garage look cozy and warm.

Credit- seacrestgaragedoorsco.com                                            1/23/23

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